The Perfect Body!

Do you see flaws before you see beauty? Do you constantly want to improve something on your body? Do you hate what you see and avoid looking?

How many moments have you missed out on because you were worried about your body?

How many times have you said, I would be happier if I looked like this….? How many outings to the beach have you declined as you won’t wear bathers? How many diets and fitness regimes have you been on?

Is there such a thing as The Perfect Body?

What factors do you feel make a body perfect?

When we achieve this “perfect body” are we then satisfied and content?

Body Dysmorphia

A mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance.
The flaw may be minor or imagined. But the person may spend hours a day trying to fix it. The person may try many cosmetic procedures or exercise to excess.
People with this disorder may frequently examine their appearance in a mirror, constantly compare their appearance with that of others and avoid social situations or photos.
In extreme cases treatment may include counselling and antidepressant medication.

The disorder affects around 1 in 50 Australians, but is difficult to diagnose because people often don’t think what they see is a delusion – they believe they’re genuinely disproportioned. 

However 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies and that doesn’t mean you have BDD.

Below are some factors I want you to consider when you next think about searching for the Perfect Body!

What is a perfect body? Is it a body that is functioning at its optimum health inside and out, mentally and physically?

Is it a women who accepts her shape and height and focuses her energies on improving her wellbeing rather her floppy bits?


Women should be striving for optimum health inside and out as well as mobility of joints, balanced hormones, healthy heart, healthy mind and to be cancer free!!!!

It is hard in todays society to not feel slight discontent when we are bombarded in the social media world with, filtered photos and “flawless bodies”.

However what makes them flawless and perfect? Who decides this?

We do! We decide what is the norm for females bodies. Which means we can change it as well. 

These so called perfect bodies make up a small percentage of the normal female population and guess what, these women are also not happy with some part of their body. 

Around 1.4 million Australians are over weight and suitable for bariatric surgery. Last year, 22,000 first-time procedures were performed and this year the number is expected to reach 25,000.

That is a huge number of people that are dissatisfied with their bodies and it is sad that the number is growing. 

There are a number of factors that contribute to a women’s body and below are just a few I wish to bring to your attention. 

It is ok to be different, it is ok to have dimples!!!


Man oh man what purpose does this give us. Seriously but never the less we all have it. Some more then others. There’s only a small percentage of women who don’t have it. If we all have it, isn’t that THE PERFECT BODY?


So many factors about being a mother contribute to our changing bodies. The inability to move as much when pregnant, the food cravings, the demand of a new born and the stress of less sleep. The list goes on really as to the factors that will affect our bodies. But at the end of the day, we created a baby and for many years selflessly took care of our babies and family for many years later. The difficult part is now making a change and putting ourselves first.accepting the new body and moving forward. 


The female body is one complex piece of machinery. From an early age we all go thru menstruation whereby we pass our uterus lining once a month. Some of us suffer badly from pain and some of us only bleed lightly. From an early age our hormones are already working overtime preparing our bodies for motherhood.

Later in life, menopause comes along and complicates our weight again due to hormone imbalances. We really do have to deal with alot of factors that make it difficult to have the body we use to have. 

Saggy Boobs & WIDE HIPS

A females body is a human creator. It is impossible to not change our body during a pregnancy. From stretch marks, to wider hips to the old milk station no longer being full. 

It’s fun times being a female sometimes. 

If this happens to all of us, isn’t that THE PERFECT BODY?

In Conclusion

All these contributing factors are what make up our bodies. We have a long history of complex situations to allow us to be mothers. 

Our bodies will naturally evolve each year and naturally change as we need them too. 

It is now our minds that we need to change. 

Body positivity and confidence needs to start with us. 

Yes our dimples are hard to love but if we ALL have them that makes them normal.

If we stopped wasting our money on fad diets, sucky in pants, boob lifting bras, major surgery and just ate good food and included exercise daily.

It doesn’t have to be intense movement, walking along the beach or 20 minutes focusing on core moves at home.

I always like to remind myself from time to time, would I be concerned of my cellulite or big saddlebags if a doctor told me tomorrow I had one year to live and I think that is a powerful message for you all. 

Don’t miss out on life obsessing over having that perfect body. 

Don’t shy away from your next selfie with your kids and family as your ashamed of how you look. 

Don’t hide away from life get out and enjoy it. Embrace the body you have. Act confident and love yourself. 

Memories are important.

Teaching our children these values is also important. 

Real raw women have real raw edges.

Wobbly jiggly bits and sometimes hairy legs.

If that is the majority of us………is that not NORMAL!!


Your BODY is Beautiful.


Real RAW Women



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