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No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Hear what some of our members have to say about how DediKate has helped them achieve success in their own journey.

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"I wanted to say a big well done on what you're doing. The services and community you offer are excellent. The workouts are accessible, customisable, they make me turn up, report in and feel good. And they are only 20 minutes so it's so easy to fit in. I love the polls you create to encourage us to make time for the next day's class and that you notice if we are late or not there. I really love it and it's going to keep me mentally strong. "
Greek Islands
"Highly recommend Elevate. It is affordable, short 20-30min exercises and a range of exercises from back to basics to HIIT with tonnes of variations! Created by two local mums for mums! And whilst I’m not a mum I find it sooo convenient and great as I live on a farm. I left my gym membership for Elevate and honestly never looked back."
"One of the best things is the variety of workouts that are available. Even my mum has joined and is working out with the Fundamentals class. I love that I can join in live, or complete any of the saved workouts at literally ANY time of the day/night. As an extra bonus, these ladies are fabulous! They really are the perfect blend of passionate, real-life, energetic, fun and a little bit of crazy! This creates such a motivational online exercise community. I highly recommend it."
"After having my 3rd baby in November last year I was really struggling to get back into exercise. I just LOVE how easy and convenient you make it for mums like me who live 40km out of town, have small kids and struggle to get to classes! I have already seen a huge change in my fitness levels since joining, especially with my strength/balance!  I had issues with my core/abdominal separation  and can honestly say after working out with you over the past few months I’ve seen and felt a major improvement!! I love how you make workouts harder/easier to suit everyone… you explain things soo well and challenge me without being pushy or aggressive."
Chapman Valley

Why Elevate works?

  • No Equipment Needed

    Elevate workouts are all bodyweight so you can perform the workouts anywhere anytime no excuses. Only two classes use equipment; we encourage you to use household items such as cans of food, bottles of water etc

  • Live Real time Workouts

    No cookie-cutter, pre-recorded, makeup clad models. Just real mums living normal lives and sharing that with you. Same issues and hurdles so its super motivating and relatable.

  • Convenient

    If you are a busy mum/woman Elevate is perfect for you. Over and done within 30 minutes from start to finish and you can replay any of the workouts in the library at a convenient time that suits you.

  • Women Supporting Women

    The community is made up of women from all walks of life. From stay at home mums, to full time workers, to farming wives that are km's from any gym or group class.

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