Seriously Impressed

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We are forever grateful for the amazing community we have grown and the fact that we get to do what we love and they love it just as much. Thank you so much ? L & S

“What an amazing service! I originally joined Elevate amidst the Corona Virus epidemic and our family’s impending isolation.

After team sports came to a grinding halt, I needed fitness options that I could commit to and complete easily at home.

One of the best things about Elevate Live Virtual Training is the variety of workouts that are available.

I was seriously impressed with the range of options, including HIIT classes;
Back to Basics;
classes for children;
Yoga and
stretching routines.

During each of these classes, you are given constant professional guidance on individual tasks, thereby catering for beginners, people with injuries, or those wanting more of a challenge.

Even more valuable to me though, is the degree of flexibility offered by Elevate.

Having the option to join in with new, live, online workouts offered at various times throughout the week, or to complete any of the saved workouts at literally ANY time of the day or night, is just invaluable!

As an extra bonus, these ladies are fabulous!

They really are the perfect blend of professional, passionate, real-life, energetic, fun, and a little bit of crazy!

This creates such a motivational online exercise community, which helps you to commit on those tough days that we all have.”

C. Hasleby




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