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At home live workouts daily, downloadable programs PLUS womens health tutorials. 

Introducing Elevate Live Virtual Training

The Elevate community is an online workout platform unlike any other one you have tried before. Not only do you get LIVE workouts done in real time that you feel like your in an actual class but you also get some amazing programs and challenges available during your membership as well as our most popular LIVE with our Womens Health Tutorials. Where you get to listen & ask questions, to how they can help you improve your health and life better all whilst in the comfort of your home. 

Facebook Community

Our Private Facebook community is only women ranging in ages and span near and far from remote farms in NZ to busy city life women with no time for gyms. We are all busy just being and balancing all the things. 

Client Portal

Within our portal you have instructional videos, download and go programs to begin your health habits as well as our popular challenge 3 Series which has proven results of 2kg loss in 18 days. 


You also get a BONUS Sugar Detox ebook when you register to challenges within the client portal. All instrutions are included how to get to it on registrations. 

Sneak Peak .

Heres a sneak peak of what is inside Elevate & the client portal. Our timetable is when we perform the workouts, if you cannot attend you have the flexibility to replay whenever you can. 

Sheree chats with Rural Focus.

RRR Network

Arrange for the Rural Focus to chat to Sheree Johansen from Elevate Live VIrtual Training

What our Members Have to Say.

Elevate has given me so much – it gave me flexibility to exercise in the evening once family and work commitments were finished, it gave me accountability and truth about my eating and training, it gave me fabulous friends and most importantly it gave me a mentor who is supportive and constant in her commitment to ensuring we be the best version of ourselves. 

Whatever your personal goals, Elevate will help you achieve them!

What you have given me Sheree is more than I could ever put into words.

You have no idea the impact you’ve had on mine, and my family’s, life.

Elevate has given me well-being, fitness, motivation, mental strength and the most amazing and supportive friends. 

Who is in the Community?

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  • Busy Women who have no time, or have forgotten how to do something for themselves. 
  • New Mums: Overwhelmed and exhausted who have lost their spark from mothering 24/7.
  • For all the women that experience mum guilt: everytime they do something for themselves. 
  • Women in general that wear a 1000 hats: and have forgotten about self care & their mental health.
  • Women who are running Businesses/Working Full-time.
  • Inclusive connected community: our team share our daily struggles during workouts. 
  • Remote Rural Women: who are always working hard and rarely for themselves.
  • Women in general: that are getting older and need better mobility, strength and balance. 

How Can We Help You !

There are 3 Memberships to join Elevate Community. You get a 7 day free trial, no payment taken till trial ends. 



PLUS a 7 day Free Trial



PLUS a 7 day Free Trial



PLUS a 7 day Free Trial

Oh by the way, thats not all you get!.

You’ll also receive our BONUS 5-Day Sugar Detox Guide to support you in eliminating unhealthy substances from your body and household during your Challenge.

Sugar Detox

Stay on track of your nutrition but starting with a 5 Day cleanse of your house and body of Sugar. 

Want to kick start your fitness with 7 Workouts?

Get access to 7 workouts and much more in our client portal. Covering all workout styles so there is something for every mood.