Saturday Live HIIT

No joke!!

Alarm went off this morning!

6.30am for our first 7am Saturday live HIIT!

I may have said “who’s idea was this s#%t on a Saturday?”

Although it was mine!!?

Finished the workout by 7.30am.

Enjoyed a coffee with Laura

Been home spring cleaning my house since!

So glad I began my day with a workout.

The endorphines from 20 minutes of high heart rate is enough to make me go all day.

Have a 3 year olds party later today inwhich I will be enjoying some birthday cake at.

I deserve it!

It’s been so long since I have had cake ?

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday morning.

Have a fabulous day everybody and make sure you ALWAYS start your day with fitness??

It makes me smile all day?

?Post workout photo Friday at 7am- it’s beautiful that time of morning?

Join me for a workout –



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