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Meet the Team..

Elevate is made up of a wonderful group of down. to earth, relatable qualified health and fitness professionals whose aim is to provide you with the skills and motivation required to meet your health and fitness goals. We are busy women just like you all juggling to do our daily jobs plus take care of our families and ourselves. 

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Sheree Johansen


Master Trainer Level 1, Level 1 & 2 Exercise Professional Personal Training, Older Adults and Children, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness.

Founder and owner of Elevate Live Virtual Training. Sheree is based in Geraldton, WA with her husband and 3 children. She began Elevate after her own experiences as a new mother and the struggles to train outside the home. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Strength, HIIT Pilates and Back2Basics
  • Lifestyle and Motivation

Laura Franceschi

HIIT, Back2Basics, Fundamentals.

I have been training with Sheree for about 5 years. I am a sucker for endorphins and it gives me so much joy to help others feel the best they can about themselves. 

She taught me how to get it done with kids in tow.  She taught me to put myself first and that I was worthy of that time. I felt I’d accomplished something, even if the dishes still weren’t done or that washing wasn’t folded. 
I have become more confident since training with Sheree. I’ve played team sports for the first time in my life .

Areas of Focus:

  • Strength, HIIT, Fundamentals and Back2Basics
  •  Motivation
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Katie Clune


Ashtanga Yoga translates as the ‘eighth limb’. The practice aims to unify the mind, body and soul. We work on the physical busy through the intelligent control of the mind. The effects of yoga are taken way beyond the mat into our everyday lives and interactions with people.

Kelley Sloan


I am a Clinical Pilates Instructor with almost a decade of teaching experience and Nutritionist for the last 7 years and help people to fix their gut health, nourish their bodies and ditch diets for good! I am a power pilates instructor. Which means if the muscle isn’t activating, then your body isn’t changing! The aim of pilates is to restructure your muscles while strengthening from your deep core stabilisers, improving your posture and your flexibility. (Currently on maternity leave with her baby bump)

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Sheree’s Story..


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