Do you need to stop the cycle of bad food choices leading into summer?


Are you good for 2 days and then fall off the wagon?

Do you need 24/7 support but can't afford personal trainer?

What you will get..

PLUS...a Workout Calendar to keep you on track!

and lots lots more....

You will join the Elevate Community that has 2 new workouts per day, Monday - Friday and 1 Super Saturday Special to get you energized and productive over the weekend.

You can workout with us or anytime, anywhere. Performed LIVE so nothings edited! We are just women like you. Real, raw and down to earth.

What others have to say..

She has helped me to make small changes to my diet that are sustainable and I have become far more conscious of the food I am eating.

Sheree has provided me with positive encouragement the whole way. I would highly recommend Sheree and her programs to anyone that wants to make a positive change.

She also doesn’t judge but gives it to you straight. I have found it a lot easier to change the way I eat long term thanks to Sheree and her programs."

I have found my energy levels have increased after only 2 weeks on her program, and my mindset is much more positive.

I had no intention of doing the 6 week challenge. I don’t like feeling locked in with a young family and it wasn’t until Sheree said,

just do what you can do‘.

So I did! First tackled breakfast and the family loved the new options as much as me. 

Next was lunches….I have swapped in easy veggie scramble for lots of lunches, plus some of the salads and the veggie and hummus wraps.

The challenge evolved over the 6 weeks. I was never going to commit to something really strict but I ended up changing a number of our normal food choices. 

I really enjoyed having a bank of recipes that I could swap in and out based on what I felt like eating.

I am consuming more veggies and less bread and processed food now than prior to the challenge and I cannot wait to give the challenge another go soon.”


“I have bursitis in my hip. My pain is debilitating and I cannot perform a lot of exercise moves. I have had this pain for over 2 years now so I thought some weight loss would help me move better.
Ive now lost 16kg since joining Sheree’s program and my pain is reducing each day. I highly recommend participating in Sheree’s program if you have struggled for years and lost your direction. Your life will never be the same again, it will be fabulous!!”

"Loved it! The food was amazing! I actually cooked up 3weeks worth for my freezer yesterday so I dont have to think about dinner and it’s all portioned. Loved the salads! So fresh and filling. The smoothies are now my favourites all done up in the freezer ready for each morning."

K Williamson


6 Weeks Total Body Transformation Challenge Plus 12 Week virtual workouts.
10th January 2022
This is a quarterly membership. You will be charged automatically at the end of your challenge. If you wish to cancel your membership with Elevate please allow 7 days notice to next payment.