Do you need to stop the cycle of bad food choices leading into summer?

Are you good for 2 days and then fall off the wagon?

What you will get..

PLUS...a Workout Calendar to keep you on track!

and lots lots more....

Elevate Community has over 1000 workouts in its library and 11 new workouts per week. Enjoy a workout whenever it is convenient or join us live. From yoga, pilates to beginners, over 60's and for the advance, HiiT. Boost your mood in just 20minutes in the comfort of your home perfect for the busy women.

Client Results..

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Hear what some of our members have to say about how DediKate has helped them achieve success in their own journey.

Jumped on the scales this morning… 2kg down and I’ve lost 23cm on all my measurements, inc 8cm from my waist. My clothes are fitting so much better, I’m so close to comfortably fitting my goal pair of shorts. Meal planning and prep is key. Even if at the beginning of the day I know exactly what I will be eating, there is less chance I pick at the food during the day. This also helps with scheduling a time for exercise, I’m more likely do it if I’m dressed for exercise first thing in the morning too… So glad I joined up 🙌 kick started better eating and more exercise!
Tegan Micke
Feel bright, energised, lighter, and stronger. Water is my best friend. Use all the will power I have to stay on course. I relate it to like running a marathon really. Four days in Perth has been a challenge. A bit of forward planning has helped, and the substitute and trick tip sheet is gold! But oh how I miss a good slice of sourdough bread and quality butter. More energy but sore from work outs 
Kristy F
Lost nearly 2kg on average, & 3cm from my sides. As for new habits, it would have to be prioritising a work out straight after work every second day & at least once on the weekend.
Kylie C
"I had no intention of doing the 6 week challenge. I don't like feeling locked in with a young family and it wasn't until Sheree said, 'just do what you can do'. So I did! First tackled breakfast and the family loved the new options as much as me.  Next was lunches....I have swapped in easy veggie scramble for lots of lunches, plus some of the salads and the veggie and hummus wraps. The challenge evolved over the 6 weeks. I was never going to commit to something really strict but I ended up changing a number of our normal food choices.  I really enjoyed having a bank of recipes that I could swap in and out based on what I felt like eating. I am consuming more veggies and less bread and processed food now than prior to the challenge and I cannot wait to give the challenge another go soon."
Cara H

“Sheree’s support and enthusiasm for her Elevate program, and life in general, is truly uplifting and so infectious.  I started with the 6 Week Challenge which was amazing! I had more energy, felt better all round and the food was so tasty. I committed to 4 classes per week and if I was unable to do the live ones due to work commitments, I could catch up later that day with any one of the hundreds from those stored in the portal library. I have now become an annual member of the Elevate program and am loving the support, the community and how perfect it is for my lifestyle!”


"Loved It! The Food Was Amazing! I Actually Cooked Up 3weeks Worth For My Freezer Yesterday So I Dont Have To Think About Dinner And It’s All Portioned. Loved The Salads! So Fresh And Filling. The Smoothies Are Now My Favourites All Done Up In The Freezer Ready For Each Morning."​

K Williamson


6 Weeks Total Body Transformation Challenge