6 Week Challenge Transformations

Katie Laporte (New Zealand)


“Hey just a quick thanks to you that your advice is super useful.  The biggest difference since doing the Elevate 6 Week Challenge now is that I can control my weight a lot better and reign it in when I need to. I really appreciate that you’ve given me some long term solutions that will stay with me forever. I love the convenience of the workouts aswell. Having already a busy exercise schedule I love that I can perform them from home and when I can. The elevate workous have been a huge compliment to my physical performance giving me a stronger core. Thanks so much for providing an affordable forum for us.”


“Down 4.5kg and a lot of cm’s. My clothes are fitting more nicely and energy levels are great!I have still had wine, chocolate, spinach sausage roll and carbs when needed BUT have always returned to clean eating again. My goal is to lose the love handles and back fat by Christmas! I am loving the 30 Day Challenge and will be back for another round. Cheers for starting me on this ride!”


“I became a member of Elevate Virtual Training after moving to Geraldton for work.  Having been an active person all my life, I needed a program that had flexibility as my new position required me to travel the Midwest.  I joined up to Elevate soon after I arrived and haven’t looked back!  Sheree’s support and enthusiasm for her Elevate program, and life in general, is truly uplifting and so infectious.  I started with the 6 Week Challenge which was amazing! I had more energy, felt better all round and the food was so tasty. I committed to 4 classes per week and if I was unable to do the live ones due to work commitments, I could catch up later that day with any one of the hundreds from those stored in the portal library. I have now become an annual member of the Elevate program and am loving the support, the community and how perfect it is for my lifestyle!” First week down so far and 1.3kg’s down and feeling great! Very proud of myself for following the program. If you have been thinking about improving your health, Sheree and the 6 Week Challenge is where you should start.”